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January 2019
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New Year same old BS!
2003 Olympia Champ Ronnie Coleman - 8 time Mr. Olympia.

One very disturbing trend I see being played in these so called bodybuilding magazines is some of the most pussy workouts i have ever seen. Read one recently that said that they wish Ronnie Coleman didn't make his video because people are getting hurt trying to emulate his workouts. Still allot other saying look at him now and his health problems to justify their training methods or so called systems. Others say basic exercises shouldn't be used, the bench press is crap, squats hurt knees, and full deadlifts are a bodybuilding no no. This BullShit is not dedicated to just one magazine on the news stands but basically all of them.

Lets get this shit straight, SQUATS done properly have never hurt anyone's knees or back. One more thing that smith machine squat crap is basically just leg press and is far inferior to the regular back and Olympic squat. Back squats are about weight load over time, that is what make the entire body grow to adapt to the cumulative stress produced.

BENCH PRESSES don't cause pec tears, bad warm ups and ugly performance (just like in the squat) cause these injuries. I won't discuss the DEADLIFT in this editorial because its done so shitty by most I just wish they wouldn't do it at all, and wish most would just leave it alone.

Some want to know what caused this problem. Well its about 30 years of eroding advice from a weaker and weaker training authority. Over the course of 2019 we are going to set some of this shit straight. With this NEW format we will be able to do just that. Last but not least there is a good reason why Ronnie Coleman is respected through out the bodybuilding and powerlifting worlds. Its comes from his founding beliefs in those three core exercises that he pushed to the hilt year after year. He will be the most revered MR.OLYMPIA a very very long time, because those others trying to catch him as a # will never match up to the HARDCORE BODYBUILDER he truly was!

Live Strong and Train Hard….
Bodybuilding Training: Training course for the beginning bodybuilder or those looking to get back on the right track.
Ouestion #1 of the Month
BBZone Q&A January 2019 - Workout Poundages

Question: What are some good, general WORKOUT POUNDAGE GOALS for a man to shoot for?

Answer: Thank you for that excellent question!
Here’s a set of poundage goals to keep anyone busy:

Those goals are not to be regarded as suitable for persons of extremely great natural potential. Such “naturals” will, I’m sure, be ultimately able to exceed the goals I’ve suggested by between twenty and fifty pounds, depending upon the exercise; but for the vast majority of trainees these goals are quite impressive and their achievement will mean outstanding development and a great sense of satisfaction. Stay on track ‘till next month!

Train Hard or Go Home!
Recipe of Month
BBZone Recipe of the Month - Chocolate Coffee

Chocolate Coffee

With right now being the time when most of us are recovering from the suicide eating we did over the holidays and are starting to figure out our plan for the new year we need a shake that helps pack on solid mass. The Chocolate Coffee shake does just that. It taste great and works very good.


Chocolate Coffee


Tastes just like some gourmet concoction, but with allot better nutrition!

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line at -
BBZone Bodybuilding Workout - Effective LowerBack Training!

Effective LowerBack Training!

Many weight trainees recognize the Importance of regular lower back training. For the physique competitor, it could mean extra points in the line-up, and for the weight or power lifter, less injuries and greater totals.

Arnold S. deadlifting...

The exercises most often used to condition this area of the body are deadlifts (regular and stiff-leg), good-mornings, and hyperextensions. Of these, only the hyperextension movement has the potential to FULLY develop the lower back region. The reason for this can be attributed to one word: ISOLATION. All other exercises will involve the glutes, hamstrings, or quadriceps and place the erector spinaes (lower back muscles) in a stabilizing role. This means that they are working isometrically and receiving resistance only in a nearly extended position. The solution is to reverse this situation; place the hamstrings in a position to stabilize for the erector spinae --thus we have the hyperextension movement.

Bodybuilder performing Good Mornings

Identification of the proper exercise is only the first step; performing it correctly is the important one. The first 2 Photos illustrates the proper form and technique. The trainee has the illiac crest (top of pelvic bones) lined up with the outside edge of the body cushion, putting the hamstrings in their stabilizing role and allowing the lower back to work from a full stretch to a complete contraction. Photo #3(below) demonstrates how the movement should not be performed although many are doing it this way. You’ll notice that the trainee has slid forward and is now contacting the upper thighs to the pad. Result: the pelvis is no longer stabilized, so the hamstrings get most of the work.

Athlete doing hyperextensions

People are often baffled as to how the European athletes can consistently excel in the strength demanding events. For one thing, they have been strong advocates of the hyperextension movement for many years now, and work up to holding hundreds of pounds behind the neck for reps. Diligent practice of this exercise will bring about nothing less than fantastic results, so go ahead and give it a try. It will be the lower back exercise you’ve been looking for.

Old School Rules!

News & Observations

Bodybuilding - News & Observations


Lee Haney winning the Olympia - 1986

Saw the Olympia last year and was a well deserved win from the new Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden. If you looked at all the experts they saying before the contest it was Phil going to tir Coleman and Haney with eight straight sandows. Now its all about Shawn hag on to his title or is Phil gonna come back and reclaim the throne. If both guys show up in their best condition Rhoden will win again. It has nothing to due with Heath being off, Shawn's symetry and width are going to win the show. Now I know there's going to be allot of people that are going to say "Who the hell are you, you don't know what you're talking about".

Well I kind of do know allot about the sport bodybuilding. Been behind the seen for a very long time. Been a spectator since 1979. Took in my first Olympia 86 in Ohio when Haney quited a loud mouth Mike Christian(3rd) then again in L.A. (1987) when Haney had to quite down Berry de Mey, Rich Gaspari and Gary Strydon on way to his 5th title. Saw Flex Wheeler win the Cal in 1989, and competed and attended more Paul Love shows in Northern California and Russ Warner shows up and down California. Saw Colemans reign from 2000-2004 living out of Henderson NV. There are allot of people who know the true sport of bodybuilding then you see online blabbing they know this or that. Hell some of these experts of today I have seen on stage in their hey-days.

Back to Rhoden & Heath, some say he gonna reclaim his title because he deserved it last year or he's coming back for revenge. We'll don't see it and allot harder than anything has done to date. No one perfect and Rhoden can loose if he shows up soft, over dieted or has an injury. Don't give a shit about the bubble gut crap, that just from eating to much food. You must defeat a champion or have him defeat himself through bad preparation or injury. So for all those out there whining about this or that step-up and take the throne. Stop the bullshit posting and progress photos and get down to the business of committing to a purpose. It happened last year with Shawn going far and above what he's done in the past. So until that time arises again one should have faith in self and abilities. The sport going to move where those at the top of tit push it, so lets see if it get out of its own way or gets mired down again for the next 10 years.

Old School Rules!

Ouestion of the Month

BBZone Q&A January 2019 - Show me your Abs!
Ouestion #2 of the Month

Question: I have one question and it about trimming down my waist size. I do abs 3 times a week an have seen very little noticeable progress when I look in the mirror. Am I doing something wrong or what. I need a little help here, thanks very much.
Dave A., Portland Oregon

Answer: Thank you for that excellent question!
After reading your letter and getting a little more info from you we figured what you were doing is what allot of trainer do, and that is work your abs to death and then wait for them to magically appear in the mirror. When we asked about your eating and how much you were consuming it wasn't about the consumption as a whole but how much food your consuming at each meal. NOW LISTEN UP PEOPLE WE ARE GOING TO GIVE EVERYONE INCLUDING DAVE SOME SIMPLE TRUTH ABOUT DECREASING YOUR WAIST SIZE. If your going to then gym and doing so on a regular basis, your going to need your nutrients to stay fit and healthy. With that said what your going to need to do is spread those meals out over a longer period of time. If your consuming 3500 calories a day as Dave was in the course of 4 meals and your having trouble loosing the fat around your midsection. Your going to have to take those 3500 calories and spread them out over 5 or even 6 meals through out the day. This speed up your metabolism and decreases the stress of food processing and belly bloat. Trust Us the system works, and has been around for over 50 years. Later.....

Train Hard or Go Home!

If you have any bodybuilding training or nutrition questions feel free to drop us a line at -

Bodybuilding Supplements - Reviews
Jacked Factory
:: Presents ::

Science back growth formula designed to help you heal and grow.

Functional Benifits

LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH. Growth Surge is the ultimate muscle building supplement, containing three key ingredients to support lean muscle growth and fat loss throughout the day. Consume GROWTH SURGE promptly post-workout to jumpstart muscle recovery and optimize the anabolic window.

POST WORKOUT RECOVERY. You train hard day in and day out, it’s crucial to recover and rebuild at maximum levels. GROWTH SURGE helps improve post-workout muscle recovery, muscle building, and reduce muscle soreness. Conquer your next workout feeling refreshed and ready to go with endless endurance and increased strength.

PREMIUM CREATINE, SCIENTIFICALLY-DOSED FORMULA. Each ingredient in GROWTH SURGE is supported by science and added to provide users with the best workout recovery, lean muscle mass growth, and overall performance. GROWTH SURGE utilizes only premium-grade ingredients in science-backed doses. GROWTH SURGE contains the best form of creatine on the market — Creatine Monohydrate, as well as L Carnitine L Tartrate, Betaine, & Bioperine.

Our Conclusion:

Jacked Factory's GROWTH SURGE is just a new supplement with tried and true old school ingredients. Every single person testing GROWTH SURGE for us said wil out question they would recommend the product to others looking to add muscle to their body. Every one gained an average of 7 pounds during the 8 weeks taking the supplement. Coupled with a high protein medium fat low carb Carnivor eating plan some also got very shredded and strong. Recommendation: 8.5 / 10.0

Check it Out!

JYM Supplement Science
:: Presents ::

Science based pre-workout formula.

Functional Benifits

Welcome to my latest creation: JYM Supplement Science. JYM combines real science with real ingredients to deliver unreal results. Pre JYM, my cutting-edge pre-workout product, is poised to revolutionize the pre-workout category.

Supplement companies love to claim they’ve created a real “game-changer.” Pre JYM doesn’t play that game. It doesn’t need hype or flashy marketing. With 13 hand-picked ingredients included at full doses, Pre JYM is in a league of its own.

Put simply, Pre JYM is the most effective pre-workout supplement ever developed. It’s built on solid science, years of study, and decades of professional experience. Nothing is hidden and there is no filler. Pre JYM is research made real. It’s pure pre-workout fuel.

Our Conclusion:

JYM PRE is a newish supplement from magazine writer Jim Stoppani, The brand boost open listing of all ingredients and has some very good dosages of the primary ingredients. The best thing about the supplemt line is that it follows what has been proven in lab test. JYM PRE is a very good pre-workout because of that one fact. It has caffeine but is NOT caffeine loaded. It has muscle builders like creatine, workout enhancers like Beta-Alanine, with BCAA's thrown in to boot. All those testing the product like it because of its design and function in the gym. It delivered in the one place that counts - THE GYM. Recommendation: 8.8 / 10.0

Check it Out!

Promix Nutrition
:: Presents ::
Collagen Peptides

Highly bioavailable form of protein that helps your muscles & joints.

Highly bioavailable, digestible, and dairy-free, source of protein. The benefits of PROMIX Collagen Peptides extend beyond training, collagen is a nutritional staple for your connective tissue health now and for years to come.

Functional Benifits
  • 100% GRASS-FED: Pasture-raised Brazilian cows.
  • ONE INGREDIENT: Only pure 100% grass-fed collagen peptides. No fillers, sweeteners, or colors.
  • JOINT, BONE AND GUT HEALTH: Supports joint, cartilage and bone health. Rich in Glycine to aid gut health.
  • OPTIMAL BIOAVAILABILITY: Hydrolyzed to maximize bioavailability. Easily mixes in cold or warm water.
  • NO GMO INGREDIENTS: Higher testing standards than any other whey protein. Full third-party testing for corn, soy, gluten, growth hormones (rBST and rGBH), and GMO’s. No stevia or 'Natural Flavors,' only real ingredients.
  • GMP CERTIFIED: Processed, packaged and tested in the USA in our GMP certified facility.

Our Conclusion:

Collagen Peptides are a new source of protein targeted towards helping to repair symbiotic tissues suck as those in joints and organs instead of just muscle tissue. Collagen proteins digest very easy as do these from Promix Nutrition, and assimilated quite rapidly. We have noticed a marked improvement is recovery between workout from this supplement when taken immediately after training before your post workout shake or meal and before bedtime. A 2.5 lbs. tub last about 5-6 weeks when used on workout day of 4-5 per week which makes it moderately cost effective. Over all this a great product for those advanced lifters looking to address recuperation needs. Recommendation: 7.5 / 10.0

Check it Out!

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